Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 26

Ok, so I actually got some things done today.  Including one of the things I was supposed to do!  Imagine that.  I've been feeling very frustrated at school, my new partner and I don't jive nearly as well as Celeste and I did and I feel like I'm always behind and always the last one done.  Production wise, I'm actually keeping up relatively well.  I've only had to do one thing over and it wasn't too complicated.  I'm also almost on track as far as getting things done day to day.  In any case, I'm not much farther behind than anyone else in class. 

Friday we were assigned (for the day) sticky buns plus glaze, sweet rolls plus glaze, brioche and doughnuts as a team.  This may not sound like much, but when you have 3 hours to do all of that, things get a little rushed.  Now, we'd made our brioche and sweet doughs the night before so they were pretty much ready to assemble, but this is also more complicated than it sounds.  All of the dough has to be kept very cold and so there is a lot of running back and forth to the refrigerator.

The brioche I made did not turn out correctly, so I'll worry about that on tomorrow's post.  My sweet rolls completely failed...I tried to be clever.  I filled them with a brown sugar-butter-frangelico mixture and it just melted out of the buns.  It turns out that baking that mixture makes a lovely chewy candy though...I ended up eating some of it and using some of it as a glaze for the empty rolls. 

 They don't look kind of disgusting, but they tasted good...

So we'll start with the sticky buns.  They're pretty much what most people think of as cinnamon rolls, but with a different glaze.  The glaze is mostly brown sugar and butter and is put on the bottom of the pan....

Like So.  The filling is just cinnamon and sugar.

When they're finished they get flipped onto another pan so that the part with the glaze is now the top and look like this in the end.  They were TASTY!

We also made babas tonight.  These are interesting little buggers.  They're a relatively tasteless dough that you pipe into molds and bake off.  From there, you let them stale, then soak them in a simple syrup/rum mixture a few times and cut them open and fill them with creme chantilly.  As long as there's enough rum, they're great! ;-P

 This is what they look like in the mold when they're proofing.  You wait until the dough has almost reached the top before baking them.

Then they look like this.  Nothing terribly exciting, I know.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.  Supposedly we'll have some time since all we have to do is make dough for the next day.  Here's hoping!

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  1. I would love to have those cinnamon rolls right now.