Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 16

Sorry about not posting, my computer is in the hospital (i.e. at Vince's house being taken apart) so I am sans laptop until either he can fix it or I get my new one in a couple of weeks.

Anywho, we delved farther into the realm of basic yeast breads today, making olive rolls and butter braids.

Now, olive bread is one of my favorites so I was looking forward to this one.  My mom and I used to get an olive loaf from a shop in Blacksburg and eat the entire thing while we were doing errands....mmmm.

These are kinda fun to roll.  You're looking for a smooth top (or as smooth as they'll get with all the olive bits) and a little pucker on the bottom.

Well, I did a "bad" thing and egg-washed these. They were supposed to just get sprayed with water before baking but some signals got crossed (oops) and I egg-washed them...then sprayed them with water.  It gave them a nice shiny crust and made it a bit flaky...oh well...very tasty!

I got my butter braids ready to go but didn't have time to bake them.  We'll do that tomorrow.  Into the fridge they go to retard!

I did get my scones to work FINALLY!  They were awesome once I got them right.  YAY!  Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond....mmmm.

And Adam's Awesome Socks make a comeback for the day....


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