Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 12

I actually got everything done tonight!  YAY!  I decided to do the lemon chiffon instead of the chocolate cream. Sorry for the lack of pictures, with the lemon chiffon, everything pretty much has to be done at the same time so taking pictures is hard.

The lemon chiffon pie isn't baked so it uses a combination of gelatin and meringue to keep its shape.  This is the meringue I made for it.

The finished pie.  Passed with flying colors!  YAY!!  It was quite tasty too.  Still need to work on the decorative edge though, the shell didn't hold the fluted edge I did before I made it.

Chef said that if we have time we should scale and mix our tart dough for tomorrow.  Now, normally, I am one of the last people finished for the night and I never get everything done.  Tonight, however, since we only had to do the one pie, I was able to get my tart dough done as well.  

The beginning.  Sifting the powdered sugar into the butter to cream them together.

Gah! I broke it.  This is what happens when your eggs and your butter aren't the same temperature.  Sometimes you can fix it, sometimes you can't.  Chef said that adding the flour might help and I should continue but it may be too late.  :-/

I fixed it!!!  It seems to be ok.  I put it in the fridge, we'll find out tomorrow....

By the way, this is what happens when I have a hyper-night in the kitchen.....

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