Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 15, The End of Week 3

Well, I managed to complete the week without being any farther behind than I already am (at least as far as I know, I've got one more check off on Monday).

We started on basic yeast breads today and will be doing them for the rest of the 111 class (the first 4-week term).  Now, I still had one more tart to make, but first things first:

My partner, Celeste, and I made the dough for our baguettes and breadsticks

It had to base ferment (rise) for 90 minutes so it was time to finish other stuff

I made my lemon meringue tart.  This was the second time I attempted the lemon curd filling.  The first time I broke it.  This time it broke, too, but Chef Hammer was able to fix it. YAY!

The dough was done fermenting so we rounded it, proofed it and made bread sticks.  I filled them with garlic, parmesan and parsley.

Don't they look tasty??  Yeah, they were.

Just before it was time to go home (actually, it was after that, but I stayed til 11), my baguettes came out of the oven.  I got to take one home and I sliced it up and made some roasted garlic cream cheese...mmmm.  It was slightly overcooked, but good. :-)

Next week we've got all kinds of fun planned.  All various types of basic breads and it's very exciting!

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