Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 24

We finished up artisan breads today with our autolyse experiments.  We made 2 batches of bread, one using the autolyse method and one the regular way.

So what the heck is autolyse?  When using this method, you mix your flour and your liquid (water, milk, etc.) until it's all moistened, cover it and set it aside for 30 minutes before mixing in the rest of your ingredients.  It's supposed to make mixing faster and make the bread more hydrated, etc.  We weren't able to finish our bread in time to compare it to the regular method, but so far, it's just a pain in the ass.  The mixing of the rest of the ingredients took FOREVER and I kept finding little balls of yeast that weren't getting incorporated.  We'll see what happens tomorrow, but thus far, I am not a fan.  Of course, it might have helped also if I weren't completely stupid tonight.  We got everything mixed in and set our dough over to ferment...15 minutes later I realized that I had forgotten to put in the starter!  Ugh.

So what I DID get done tonight was my Pain au Levain and I got my pugliese and como checked off too.

This is the Pane di Como.  It's the Italian version of country white bread.  Tasty though!

It's pretty basic and great for sandwiches

Here is the Pain au Levain.  It's kind of like sourdough...without the sour.

Got some nice holes going on, some too big for this type of bread.  Again, not enough pressure when rounding it.

This one was my favorite, the Pane Pugliese.  It's a very nice, light Italian bread.  

Lots of lovely holes in this one!!  It came out really well.  <3

Tomorrow I will have the results of the autolyse vs. regular method for the ciabatta and we'll be starting on rich doughs.  Hopefully I will have lots of tastiness to bring home for the weekend!

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