Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 22

I don't have a lot of pictures for you today since again, half the bread has to sit overnight and I decided to leave my sourdough in the fridge for one more day.  I did get to finish my Burli (there are supposed to be oomlauts over that u) but not in time for check off, so we'll get to see the inside tomorrow.

The other bread we made tonight (that's still in the fridge and will be baked tomorrow), was rye.

Every night we make the pre-ferments (similar to a sour-starter but it uses commercial yeast instead of wild yeast) for the next day.  They sit overnight and the yeast does its thing so that the bread has more flavor and rises better when it's made.

This is the beginning of rye bread, the pre-ferment...yummy, huh?  It was a solid, grainy mass that was really kind of disgustingly grayish. Bleh!

Here is my "oval" Burli. HA!

The Burli is very similar to the ciabatta.  It's a very soft dough that gets turned every 30 minutes during fermentation and you have to be very gentle with it.  If you handle it too much, it will deflate and then it's sad.  You pretty much just have to portion the dough into loaves on the table (or bench, as it's called), pick them up and carefully place them onto the sheet pan, stretching and forming as you do.  However it gets set down is how it should stay.  Crazy.  This is why it's called "rustic"

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