Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 17

The first thing we did today was finish our butter braids and get them baked off.  Now, we did make 3 different types of breads (whole wheat rolls, potato rosemary loafs and a multigrain bread) but I was unfortunately a little bit hurried and didn't get pictures of the last 2.  Sorry!

On with the butter braids!

This was my 2-strand braid.  I topped it with poppy seeds and fleur de sal (a coarse, tasty salt)...before...

...and after baking...mmmm.

And my 4-strand braid (that's Celeste's in the back).  This one had black and white sesame seeds...before...

...and after.

These are the whole wheat rolls.  They don't look like much and they kind of scared me since they look like the rolls they used to give us with lunch at school, but they were much tastier.  

The nice thing about this week is that because there is so much "sit around and wait" time while the dough for each bread ferments, it was a good time to catch up with what I was behind on.  I was able to make my lemon pound cake tonight as well as my crepes...

They finally passed and I took the rest of the batter home...planning to make something tasty on Thursday night! 


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