Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 19

This week has been really nice in that, because we are doing breads, and mostly with a teammate, we have had quite a bit of time to catch up on other things while we wait for it to rise.

For instance, I was finally able to get my oatmeal raisin cookies done and checked off.

Today was actually pretzel and bagel day.  We also made doughnut dough but we'll finish those tomorrow.

My pretzels were HUGE!  Chef called them Ginormous ( :-)

Here they are after baking.  They're brushed with a solution of water and baking soda, salted and baked.  They came out pretty tasty, but a bit chewier than I usually like.  

Here are my bagels.  Again, I like very soft bagels and so these aren't my favorite.

The bagels were made the traditional way, by boiling them before they're baked.  Nowadays they steam-inject them to make them softer and larger and speed up the process. 

Tomorrow is our make-up day.  I have to redo my pitas and my apple pie and finish my doughnuts!

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