Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 23

Today was another bread-filled extravaganza of baking!  I finished my rye and my sourdough, which both came out excellent and got my burli checked off.

Nothing I made today got checked off but that's ok!  We made Pane Pugliese, Pane di Como and Pain au Levain (that's French for "Pain in my ass"... ;-)).

Here is my Burli from yesterday.  See all the nice holes??  It's like ciabatta but softer and (I think) tastier!

My Rye, topped with caraway seeds.  

Lots of lovely air pockets with just a few spots Chef said could have used some more time.  

And my sourdough.  It got a bit over-proofed, unfortunately.  That's why the color is very light.  

Now, unfortunately, those really giant holes aren't supposed to be in this one but part of it is over-proofing and part of it is from not getting all the air pressed out when I was rounding it.  

The sourdough tasted quite yummy and I can't wait to make a sandwich out of it tomorrow!  

Tomorrow will be a day of experimentation.  We're making the same bread (our choice) twice but with different methods and, if I have time, I'm going to make an olive bread...mmmm. <3!

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