Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 64

Didn't get a whole lot done today, I spent the first hour and a half of class trying to make chocolate designs out of tempered chocolate that wouldn't set up because it was a millionbajillion degrees in the kitchen.  We were dipping balloons in the chocolate to make little cups and 2 of them popped from the heat!  Pretty sure we were all dying of heat stroke.

Anyway, what I did get done was my flourless souffle.  It's basically just eggs, sugar and vanilla and you can charge exorbitant prices for it because it's a difficult dessert.  AWESOME.

It doesn't look like much prior to baking....

The hole in the middle has creme anglaise inside and powdered sugar on top.  Tasty!

Tomorrow will be a big plating day, I think.  Hopefully it will be a bit cooler so that I can get some chocolate done....

Gearing up for the menu project.  I've finished my ingredients list and my prep timetable.  SO MUCH TO DO!!

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