Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 54

OMGGGGGGGG Vacation makes me want to quit my job.  It was so nice to have some time to relax and do things I wanted to do.  I got to see a movie and celebrate Vince's birthday and all kinds of things!  It was awesome!

So anyway, first I want to show you the ice cream cake I made Vince for his birthday.  It was pretty cool. :-)

3 layers of brownie and 2 layers of mint ice cream

Covered in chocolate buttercream

I melted chocolate (the attempted tempering didn't work) and made Spiffy Co. logos

and attached them to the cake with some melted chocolate

The ice cream was fabulous but the brownies need work.  And there was just far too much brownie.  More ice cream next time.

Today in class we started on our wedding cake projects.  I didn't get very far because I ran into some issues with my sugar paste (basically rolled fondant).  It's what will cover the cake dummy layers and it was just too dry and kept cracking.  I have a possible solution that I will try tomorrow.  Cross your fingers!  Anyway....

These are the cake dummy layers that I get to cover

I made my sugar paste TARDIS Blue *hint hint*

I will be purple for DAYS! (this is AFTER washing my hands 3 times)

Hopefully tomorrow will go a little better.  I have some gum paste (basically edible modeling clay) in my bag here at work tonight that I'm going to play with and make some test figures. :-)


  1. "The ice cream was fabulous but the brownies need work. And there was just far too much brownie." Clearly the problem is that the brownies need work, otherwise there would not be far too much brownie!