Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 56

So today was Day 3 of our wedding cake project and the last chance I had dedicated time in class to work on it.  It's not due til next Tuesday but any other work is supposed to be done whenever we can find time in class or we can come in on the weekends.  I am fudging that a little by doing stuff at work and at home but since I don't get any sleep as it is, I can't see spending any more time at school than I already do.  Today did not go as slowly as yesterday, I've learned a lot about working with this particular substance, but I didn't get a whole lot more done.

All 3 layers are now covered with TARDIS blue sugar paste and I'm pretty sure everyone in my class thinks I'm crazy.  Almost everyone stuck with white.

I made bow ties at work.  Because bow ties are cool.  Just ask the 11th Doctor! 

There are some requirements we have to meet for the project.  We have to have at least 5 molded flowers (they have to be 3-D, not just stuck flat to the cake), a band around the bottom of each layer and drop lace (a technique done with royal icing that I will explain more on later).  Other than that, it's up to us.  As I'm sure at least some of you have guessed by now, I'm making a cake dedicated to Doctor Who.  :-D  I probably won't get to work on anything else until this weekend (except at work) but hopefully it will be done by Tuesday!

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  1. Good luck Abs, The Doctor would be proud!! Keep at it!