Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 58

Today was kind of a busy day.  We made 3 different things, one of which I neglected to take pictures of since it was a very fast-paced procedure.

The one I don't have pictures of is the Jellies.  They're kind of like jello blocks made with fruit puree (so it's WAY better) and rolled in a citric acid/sugar mixture (the stuff they put on Sour Patch Kids!).  I made Cherry-Lime and they came out fantastically, even if they did look a bit rough.  They only looked rough because the way I had my set up arranged (like Chef told us), it was too hard to adjust the size of it and I couldn't get it all spread out before the jelly solidified.

Anyway, I did make chocolate caramels as well.

Mmm...melting chocolate.....bleh.

So they're basically melted chocolate and caramel (which I don't have a picture of)

poured into a mold of candy bars (that's those silver things) and chilled

Then they get cut into little bits of lovely tastiness.  :-D

I also made nougat.  Doesn't this big, squishy, slimy mass I'm kneading look appetizing?

How about now?  I made cherry-pecan and they were great!!

Nougat is kind of fun.  It's essentially just egg whites, sugar and butter (with a few other token ingredients) with internal garnish.  It gets all stiff and sticky and squishy...and then it gets chilled and magically tasty!

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