Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 63

Thank god it's Friday!  It's been a very long week with not more than 5 hours of sleep at a time since last Saturday (then I got 6).  I am completely exhausted and it shows.  I feel I must apologize to those around me  (especially you, Vincent <3) for my behavior and short temper as of late.

With the weekend (at least from school) here, I will be baking anyway, trying to tweak and perfect recipes for my menu project.  It's a good thing I have boy roommates who love my food!

Today we made some chocolate mousse that we'll use Monday and plated up the things we made yesterday.

My group (Jennifer, Celeste and I) made coulis (fruit sauce) out of these different purees
*Just a side note, Key Lime Concentrate does not a coulis make (it just turns an icky brown color)*

Celeste is over there working hard to make sure everything tastes right.  LOVE her rainbow pocket of pens!

Here's the panna cotta we made yesterday with some kind of abstract sauce design I wasn't overly happy with.  Also, I shouldn't have put the raspberry sauce on top, it looked ridiculous and the condensation made it run....I was just trying to make it not look like a white blob on the plate!

This one I was a bit happier with, though Chef said I should have left off the caramel piece and could have even just gone with either the sauce or the strawberry.  *shrug*

I may try re-plating the panna cotta for a better score (I got a 93 but that's still a B+) next week.  

OH!!!  I have some exciting news that I completely forgot to share!  Yesterday, Chef Wilke, one of the founders of the school, walked up to me in the break room and said, "I heard about your blog!  Would it be alright for us to link it to our webpage and Facebook?" After a moment of stunned stuttering I told him that of course it was alright!  For a while I couldn't figure out how everyone suddenly knew about this since I really haven't advertised it but then the web guy for the school came up to talk to me and said he found it on Google! It's so crazy!  I guess I'm going to have to step up my game and be better about posting every night....

The other big news is that on Friday, when we start the prep work for our menu project, we'll have a guy in our kitchen video taping the whole thing.  I'm going to be in videos on the interwebs!  They will miss some of it since I will be going into school on Sunday, the 1st to prep most things since a lot of it won't last over the weekend.  Oh well.  Hmm...maybe I should make sure my uniforms get bleached on Thursday....

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