Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 52

OMG today was a busy day!  I ended up staying late at school (I was there until 11pm) because I didn't get everything done and I know I'm going to need the entire day for tomorrow's project.

We did two European cakes today.  The first is called the Dobos (doe bosh).  It's a Hungarian torte that was made famous at the Hungarian State Exhibition in 1885.  It is named after the man who invented it.  It was one of the first cakes to ever use buttercream and was known for its elegant simplicity.  So here's how it works.

You start out with 7 of these thin cake layers

Then stack 6 of them, like so, but with chocolate buttercream in between each layer and all over the outside

The 7th layer gets covered in a caramelized sugar syrup and the sides get covered in toasted almonds

This was a tasty, tasty cake. <3 I am a fan.

The second cake is called an Opera Torte.  It's French and named for the Paris Grand Opera.  It's made with a thin almond sponge cake dabbed with coffee syrup and layered with chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream.

The layers get cut in half and stacked on top of each other to make a total of 6 cake layers in a log

The log then gets cut on the bias (this was tricky and took 2 people)

I then turned the triangles and ganached them together to make one triangle and glued it to another cake base.  Looking at this, all I can says is...thank god for ganache....

After a thin layer of buttercream and warm ganache poured over it, the cake looks much nicer

To finish, L'Opera is written on the side in white chocolate.  The other is my attempt at a Treble Clef, which of course I did perfectly on the test sheet and then could not repeat...

Tomorrow is CAKE DECORATING DAY!  I'm so excited, I love decorating cakes.  I'm a bit rusty but I'm looking forward to it!

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