Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 50

We're doing traditional European cakes now.  Today we did the Sacher (soccer) Torte.  Actually, it's not a real Sacher Torte because, unless you work at the Sacher hotel in Vienna, Austria, you're not allowed to make it.  The real thing says Sacher Torte across it.  If it just says Sacher or Sachertorte, it's a facsimile.

In short....

It's a dense chocolate cake with apricot jam in the middle and Kirsch syrup dabbed all over it

Then it's covered in ganache

and decorated with white chocolate filigree 

I also got to make ice cream for service today in this big, spiffy machine

I will get to use this a bit more coming up!

and my station in service was Creme Brulee so I got to play with the blow torch!

*The fact that the fire alarms went off and we all had to evacuate the building was in no way my fault*

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