Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 38

Most of today was spent working on things that didn't get done but I did finish my Birdsnests.  They're an adorable little cookie with pate sucree (sweet dough) on the bottom and an almond paste mixture on the top.  They look kind of like Jammy Dodgers.

Yeah, Jammy Dodgers.  Nobody knew what they were!!  The infuriating thing is that everybody knows what a jammy dodger is, they just might not know it by that name. We see them here in the states with a slightly different look and usually different kinds of jam.  They're just shortbread with jam.  So tasty.

ANYWAY,  moving on.

This is what they look like before they're filled

I filled some with apricot and some with raspberry jam

They were delicious and went quickly.  Vincent loved them...but then, he's a sucker for English stuff just like me. :-)

As you can see, I'm slowly updating the blog with posts from the last couple of weeks. Bear with me, I'll get there. 

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