Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 46

Today was one of the more frustrating days I have had since I started school.  Not because, as is usually the case, I didn't get anything done, but because one of the projects I was working on just would NOT work.

I was making Tiramisu and we had to do it the hard way (of course) by standing ladyfingers up inside a ring of acetate and getting them to stay.  The problem is that they don't stand up by themselves and topple over every few seconds.  I worked on it for nearly an hour and a half.  Chef Hall finally had to come over and pretty much do it for me because after starting over 20 or so times I was shaking and nearly in tears.  I felt a little justified, though, when it took him a good long time to do it too.

This is what the stupid thing looks like when it's together

The filling goes in there...well...yeah...duh....ok, moving on

I also finished my cheesecake today.  We had to make marbled cheesecake (i.e. regular cheesecake swirled with flavored filling) so I chose to make mine Orange Ginger.

You can hardly see the swirl but you can definitely see the orange zest!

It came out nicely, with just one little bubble on it

I haven't cut into it yet or tasted it...I'll let you know how it comes out!

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