Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 29

Because I have a milliongagillion pictures from today and we're not doing anything photo-worthy tomorrow, I am going to divide up the day into 2 parts.

Today we used the danish dough we laminated yesterday to make tasty things.

Because of the yeast, when the dough came out of the fridge, it was very puffy

 I flattened it out and divided it into 3 pieces, cutting a 4-inch strip from one side and cutting the remainder in half

The 4-inch strip then acquired a log of almond paste mixture

From there, I folded it over to enclose the filling and cut it into 4-inch pieces

After making some more cuts, *voila* BEARCLAWS!

After being eggwashed, almonded and proofed, they get baked til they're tasty


While those were proofing, I pulled out one of the larger pieces of dough and laid it out on a cutting board.

Mmm, cinnamon and sugar!

This one gets book folded

Then covered with more cinnamon and sugar

Then folded again

Then cut into strips...now the fun part

Each strip is laid out, cut side down....

Then given cute little floppy ears..

Then eggwashed and covered in streusel and baked....

And magically....

BUTTERHORNS! mmmm.  (just look at all those layers!) 

Sorry for the bad pictures here, folks, I forgot my camera so I took all of these with my phone.

Tune in next time for more tastyness. :-)

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