Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 32

Today we continued to work with the puff pastry we made.  I have decided that laminated doughs, while a pain in the ass, are some of my favorites to work with.  There are just so many things that can be done with them!  Between all the sweet and savory options, the possibilities are endless.

I finished my turnovers with peach and raspberry/marionberry filling.  I don't like the filling recipes we have in our books, they use the cooked fruit method which has pretty much failed for me every time.  I prefer working with the raw fruit so that it doesn't break down as much.  The turnovers were good but by the time they had baked, there was almost no filling!

Here's what they look like before baking...nice and flat, right?


I also made creamhorns (which certain people went nuts over <3!).  They are puff dough, wrapped around a form, coated in sugar, baked and filled with sweetened whipped cream...

They look kinda like cornucopias 

and then you fill them with sweet, tasty goodness

Last, but not least, I made Napoleans (named because they came from Napoli, not because the layers are short).  To make the puff dough layers, you put a sheet pan on top of the puff dough and bake it so it doesn't rise.  You still get all the spectacular layers, but no height.

Mmm...flaky layers!

Pastry cream goes in between each layer

and they get topped with fondant (sorry about the mess)

Well, that's it for the regular puff dough.  Tomorrow we make Blitz Puff!  YAY!

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