Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 43

Now that I'm in Term 2, every few days I will be staying late to work the dessert service in the restaurant that the school runs.  Everyday, though, whether I'm actually working service or not, each group has to prepare something for that night.  Since it's a set menu in the restaurant, there are a limited number of things we have to do but tonight it was my group's turn to finish the OCI Dream Tortes that were in the freezer and get them ready to be served.  We did this by removing them from their pans, covering them with ganache and slicing them...

Mmm, chocolate on chocolate, covering chocolate

We also had our own projects to do liiiiiike...

Angel Food Cake!  Mmm, so light and fluffy!

We also made Carrot Cake with cream cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream and decorated with little marzipan carrots.  Teehee!

Next week, things get a bit more complicated...This is the part I'm looking forward to.  :-D

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