Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 40 and The End of Term 1!

Today was our last day with Chef Wild.  On Wednesday, we move on to Term 2 and start with Chef Hall.  Being the last day of the term, it was our make-up day.  A chance to catch up on things we either missed or needed to redo from the last 20 days.  If we had extra time or if we didn't have anything to make up, we could use the time to experiment or just make something tasty.

I had a few things to get done.

First off, I redid my Bouchees.  They passed this time!

Also with puff dough, I finished my palmiers (palm-ee-ays) which are just puff dough wrapped up with sugar in it and baked between two sheet pans to make them flat

Amber and I finished our chessboard cookies which, in my opinion, are bland and really only aesthetic

I did have a little extra time so I made something I'd been wanting to since the beginning of this 20 day period...

Olive Bread!

I made this with Pain au Levain, the French Sourdough and it came out very tasty.  Nice texture and light.  Next time I think I will reduce the salt due to the kalmata olives adding their own (I really should have thought of that).

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