Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday-Prep Day

I have now basically spent every waking moment (that I'm not at work) at school since Thursday.  I did run some errands on Friday and Saturday morning but I'll say more about that later.  

I got a couple of pictures of my prep work today as I spent 10 hours in the kitchen trying to get ready for tomorrow.  I still am not where I'd like to be but I feel much better.  Poor Vince has had to bring me down a couple of times in the past couple of days when I got too agitated.  I pretty much had a panic attack last night before work.  <3's to him!

I made candied oranges dipped in ginger sugar....SO TASTY!  These are for my custard dessert

These are for my service plate. :-D

So here's some interesting news!  Friday I went to an interview at a restaurant for my externship, only to discover when I got there that the pastry chef that I talked to Wednesday to set up the interview had either been fired or quit the day  I called the coordinator at school and left a message but I don't know what will happen with it.  Saturday, after getting up far too early to drive out to BFE to run an errand, I went to a working interview at Pix Patisserie.  They had me make caramel ganache and I think it came out ok.  I feel pretty good about it.  I had fun but I'm not sure it's the place for me.  They don't really have a real kitchen.  There's no stove, just a microwave and basically a two-burner hotplate. Also, they listen to NPR all day and I'm not sure I could take it (sorry Mom).  Anyway, we'll see.  Trying to keep my options open until I HAVE to make a decision.  I don't want to get stuck somewhere I won't be happy with. 

Wish me luck tomorrow.

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