Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 80--Last Day

(Actually Tuesday, August 17)
Well, today was the last day of the school part of school!  We had a luncheon to celebrate, give out scholarships, etc.  

Most of the school turned out to say goodbye

The other half of the room

People from my class, L to R Mary, Adam, Dana

Nicole, Erica, Celeste

Our 3 chefs in the back ground, Chef Wild, Chef Hammer and Chef Hall

The man in charge of all things sharp, edible and orderable, Woody

One of the school's founders, the esteemed Chef Wilkie

Celeste and Jessica being adorable

Most of our class L to R, Back to Front
Jennifer, Jessica, Erica, Me, Adam, Dana, Mary
Nicole, Celeste; Not pictured, Amber & Ellen
(sorry the picture is dark)

When it was over, we gave our chefs a gift from the class

It's our own motivational poster about Time Management featuring the blackest carre EVER (courtesy of Jennifer)

Love blossoms at OCI between culinary and baking & pastry
Good luck Erica and Cassidy! :-)

Jessica made us all these wonderful key chains featuring the class motto, Celeste's "Oh Dear" <3

I had a wonderful time working with everyone and I wish you all luck in future endeavors.  Keep in touch!

Check out the next post for my plans for the future of this blog and everything else!

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