Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 67

I managed to get all of my plates done today, which is good since tomorrow is my prep day for my menu project.  I have been making lists and lists and more lists of things I need, recipes, scaling information, etc while I'm at work but I am not feeling confident that I will get everything I need to do done.  I already know I have to come in this weekend since my stuff won't last the weekend, but...ugh.

Anyway, here are my final four check-off plates before our two big projects and the end of term.

This was a pear poached in spiced red wine and placed on top of a ball of vanilla ice cream.  I wanted to put more on the plate but couldn't decide what, nothing looked right

This is more of the vanilla ice cream but I mixed some brandied cherries that I made a week ago into it with a cold stone (that was fun!) and made a little caramel bowl for it.  The smudges on the plate were caramel sauce cherries but I forgot to take a picture before Chef Hall checked it off. Oh well.  He loved the ice cream!

This was strawberry sorbet in a tempered chocolate cup with a tuile garnish.  Tuiles are paper thin little cookies that can be shaped when they're hot, kind of like the fortune cookies.  

Finally, my chocolate marquis.  It's a frozen mousse that's quite tasty.  I was attempting to make it into a Mayan temple with a road leading to...well, somewhere that has a giant strawberry rose but Chef didn't get it and had to ask what I was going for.  Oh well, true genius is never appreciated. ;-P

Tomorrow should be interesting, we'll see how much I actually get done.  

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