Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 9

Today was a group project day.  The way our classroom/kitchen is set up, we're at tables in groups of four, two on each side.  Today we made apple strudel in our group and each pair of us made cannoli!  I didn't get to bring anything home, unfortunately, none of it was done in time for grading tonight.

I'll start with the strudel since that actually did get done.

We started by stretching the dough out so that it's very thin and pliable on a floured tablecloth (this will make sense in a minute).

When it was fully stretched we sprinkled it with a mixture of panko bread crumbs, cinnamon and sugar.

Then comes the apples and any other fruit and nuts you want to put in it.  We chose dried cherries and almonds...mmmm.

When the filling is done, we rolled up the strudel, using the tablecloth to handle the dough (see, I told you).

This is the strudel after it came out of the oven.  We topped it with melted butter and decorator's sugar.

One of my teammates, Celeste, modeling the finished strudel. :-)

Since I unfortunately will be missing school tomorrow due to needing to finish moving out of my apartment and I am exhausted, I will post the cannoli pictures tomorrow night.  

Before I go,

The Awesome Socks Corner

Tonight the ASC is dedicated to Onyia and Matt....

Yeah, they know why. <3

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