Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 4

Tonight was a fun night!  We started our chapter on ingredients (there are so many different kinds of flour it's not even funny!) and spent the first two hours going over the first 3 pages of the chapter.

We were supposed to have dinner in the restaurant at 7:00p but since we get out of lecture at 6:00 (because another class comes in), we had some time to kill.  Chef Wild decided to have us scale our ingredients for tomorrow's baking projects.

First I scaled the ingredients for my Almond Biscotti!

When I was done with the Biscotti I did the scaling for my shortbread cookies...

At 7:00p, we went to have dinner in the restaurant.  It's a four-course, gourmet meal for $18 (free for us though) that the students of terms 2 and 3 make.  SOOO good!

Sadly, my classmates were divided between two tables, but this was the larger one...learning names...wait for it....L to R from the back...Nicole, Amber, Dana, Erica, Ellen and Jessica!

That's Jennifer waving, then Adam, Mary and Celeste

This is where all the action happens!  The Restaurant Management students do all the serving in the restaurant and the Term 3 Culinary students do all the cooking here on the line where everyone can watch.

We had a lovely dinner, we got to choose from 2-4 choices of each category... I had the Chicken Consomme, Ten-Herb Salad, Salmon with Asparagus and Potatoes (it had a fancier name) and the Angel Food Cake with Sorbet Trio.

This was the salmon I had.  It was AMAZING!  The asparagus was cooked to the perfect tender crispness, the potatoes were just slightly mashed with something and the white sauce on top was sort of lemony...mmmmm!

And look, my mom and Chanelle came to eat dinner too!  They got to sit up at the bar and watch the chefs prepare everything.

Before I end tonight's post, I'd like to draw your attention to a new, temporary section dedicated to Adam's socks.  He apparently has 10 pairs of Awesome Socks which I will be featuring each night....

First, I bring you....The Corncob Socks!

I don't know who came up with this idea but it's awesome!  Go Adam!

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