Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 3

Let me tell you something about commercial kitchens...they have some AWESOME toys!  There is a machine that you can put bread dough in and it acts like a refrigerator to retard the dough and then, at a set time (whenever you set it), it turns into a proofer to make your dough rise so it's all ready to go when you want it.  So you put your dough in there when you make it in the afternoon and then when you come in the next morning to make the bread at 4am, it's all risen for you!

We spent the first part of the day working on more conversions and baker's percentage stuff and then went over a lot of the various large machines you could see in a commercial kitchen.

When we got into the kitchen Chef Wild had us go through the book and gather as many of the various pans and gadgets we could find and then went over them with us.  

You'll notice a red silicone pan/mold on the bottom right corner of the table...I'm pretty sure that's for making Dalek bumps.....

There were some interesting gadgets...I'm pretty sure I saw this one in a  book about medieval torture devices:

It's actually for perforating dough so it doesn't puff up when you bake it, but....yeah, I don't buy it.

After we were done with the equipment ID, it was time to make our pizzas!  

Chef Hammer made us some great sauce (hehe, awesome sauce) and got out lots of topping ingredients

Chef Wild scaled out 10oz of dough for each of us to make our pizzas

She cut up some veggies for her own and then cut the cheese. ;-) 
(ok, yes, I'm 12)

I got all the ingredients for my pizza ready; cheese, spinach, mushrooms and lovely thick-cut pepperoni....mmmmmmm.

A work in progress...
I'm pretty proud of myself at how round it came out!

All ready to be put in the oven
...and now we wait...

It was SOOO good!  

Tomorrow we get to eat dinner in the school's restaurant.  I had dinner there when I first signed up and it was delicious, I can't wait for another go!  It's only $18 for a 4-course meal...


  1. Those do resemble torture devices lol. Are you sure this is a culinary school?

  2. What is the thing in the picture above the dough perforator? It could pass for R2-D2's cousin.

  3. wonderful! I will need to pick your brain on making pizza dough at some point soon!