Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 8

Today was great!  I actually pretty much got everything done (I have to make a few more crepes) and everything came out well.  We made crepes, corn muffins and beignets.

The crepe batter was easy but cooking them was a challenge.  They are so thin and you have to get the batter in the pan and all even really quickly.  Chef wants me to cook off a few more of them tomorrow but mine were ok.  They were just a little more brown than she was looking for.  We'll see how that goes.

The beignets are little french doughnuts made with a pate a choux dough (the same stuff that eclairs are made of).  We rolled ours in cinnamon and sugar and they tasted like fluffy churros...YUM!

The corn muffins were tasty!  They haven't been graded yet, hopefully Chef thinks they're good too.

This is the batter for the crepes that Celeste and I made...

Mmm...thin pancakey goodness...good thing Mom got strawberries and whipped cream at the store!

The pate a choux dough is put in a pastry bag to pipe it out.  The dough is very basic and there isn't a whole lot of flavor by itself.  That's why it's good for doughnuts and other fillings and toppings that have a stronger presence.

The beignets. You can pipe them onto parchment paper and freeze them before cooking or do like we did and drop them directly into the fryer.

Just out of the fryer they look like mozzarella sticks....mmmm.

We rolled them in cinnamon and sugar and they were completely tasty!

And last but not least...

The Awesome Socks Corner

At least he's always prepared for class!

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